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Family / Friends Support Groups

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)

Description: CRAFT helps the family member or support person in the substance abuser’s life to learn to promote and increase protective factors while reducing risk factors, at the individual and family level. This program will take place in a group setting and will be anywhere from 8-12 weeks, one time per week. This is a free support group for families or loved ones of individuals struggling with addiction. The group takes place at Hilltop Resource Center at 11th and Colorado.

Phone: 970.683.7128 or 970.216.0366

Mind Springs Health

Description: Offers a variety of support groups and therapy services for those struggling with substance use disorder.

Phone: 970.241.3658

Website: www.mindspringshealth.org

Share & Care Support Group – Karen Jensen

Description: Psychoeducational support group for family members and friends who are coping with a loved one’s substance use disorder. Education and mutual support is offered for family and friends to help reduce stigma, isolation, stress and become education about the disease of addiction.

Phone: 970.201.5875

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PALS) Support Group

Description: Support group, meets every Thursday at First Presbyterian Church, provides support, educational information, prayer and small group discussion.

Phone: 970.379.5786

Website: www.palgroup.org

Recovery Community of Western Colorado

Description: Provides public education and awareness, policy advocacy and change, peer based – other recovery and support services and activities, networking resources to meet recovery needs, commitment to recovery and sobriety and substantiality of a drug and crime free lifestyle.

Phone: 970.712.9982

Website: www.rcwest.org

Voices for Awareness – Andrea Thomas

Description: Provides community awareness and support for people affected by drug use and self-harm/suicide as well as policy advocacy.

Phone: 970.250.8449

Website: www.voiceforawareness.com