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Western CO 211 powers the resource directory for Community Resource Network (CRN)

Community Resource NetworkCRN is a team-based service coordination platform serving Western Colorado that presents a whole-person view of a person’s situation to help boost community-wide health.

CRN’s comprehensive resource directory is powered by 211, which means it has the most up-to-date and complete resource directory in the area. Period.

CRN integrates with the local health information exchange, Quality Health Network, to populate the medical information in a person’s profile. Medical, social, and behavioral service providers are using CRN to help struggling individuals and families access the full range of services and support they need.


Using 211, CRN provides instant, electronic, and closed-loop referrals that are speeding up service and getting people in our community the help they need, now. To learn more about the Community Resource Network (CRN) visit their website at communityresourcenet.org.