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Mind Springs Health

Description: Combines counseling and other recovery supports with prescribed medications to help reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come from stopping opioid use. Allows people to continue to work and function normally.

Phone: 970.241.6023

Website: www.mindspringshealth.org

Heart-Centered Counseling

Description: Offers individual counseling, couples counseling and child and teen counseling.

Phone: 970.310.3406

Website: www.heartcenteredcounseling.com

Grand River Psychiatry

Description: Provides cognitive assessment, cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, counseling services, grief therapy, psychological testing and psychotherapy services.

Phone: 970.254.8600

Behavioral Health & Wellness

Description: Provides counseling services for all age groups, substance use disorder treatment and counseling, parenting skills education, adolescent and family therapy and health/grief and loss.

Phone: 970.242.5707

Website: www.bhwgj.com

Mesa Behavioral Health Services – Robert Sammons, MD

Phone: 970.241.1983

Website: www.doctor.webmd.com/doctor/robert-sammons-jr-1d3a374b-fbe6-4a2c-a868-f22746d4dd60-overview