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Americorp Opioid Response Program

Description: Coordinates and facilitates provider education and events, facilitates community educational events, coordinates delivery of youth-focused opioid-related educational resources.

Website: www.ccahec.org/programs/community-programs/colorado-opioid-response-program/

Rise Above Colorado

Description: Provides information on educational programs, community outreach and public service messaging.

Website: www.riseaboveco.org

Riverside Educational Center

Description: Provides after-school tutoring for grades 1-12, offers a variety of enrichment activities as well as summer programs and community building.

Phone: 970.462.2901

Website: www.rec4kids.com

Karis Inc. / The House

Description: A homeless teen and young adult shelter that provides transitional housing and intensive case management.

Phone: 970.234.7004

Website: www.thehousegj.org

Above the Influence

Description: Provides information and data regarding opioid use disorder and how to find help.

Website: www.abovetheinfluence.com

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Description: Provides information, data, publications and research related to opioid use disorder.

Website: www.drugabuse.gov

Start Your Recovery

Description: Hear stories from people with similar experiences, discover the answers needed for recognizing and dealing with substance use disorder, and locate support options for rehab centers, counseling and support groups.

Website: www.startyourrecovery.org

Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse

Description: Provides peer support opportunities, individual and family education on opioid use disorder, help finding a treatment provider, and prenatal support.

Website: www.corxconsortium.org

Girls Scouts of Colorado

Description: Offers leadership skills training, outdoor activities and community outreach.

Phone: 877.404.5708

Website: www.girlscoutsofcolorado.org

Boy Scouts of America, Western Colorado Council

Description: Offers leadership skills training, outdoor activities and community outreach.

Phone: 970.243.0421

Website: www.wccbsa.org

School District 51 Pathways, Riding the Waves, Sources of Strength

Description: Provides substance abuse education, incentives for participation for pro-social activities and educational information on decision-making skills.

Website: www.d51schools.org

Western Colorado Health Network

Description: HIV, HEP C and STI testing, prescription assistance for people living with HIV and those on PrEP, housing and transportation support, grocery vouchers and help with utility bill / phone bill assistance.

Website: www.coloradohealthnetwork.org

Partners – Minor in Possession (MIP) class, Mentoring Program

Description: Offers Minor in Possession class and other substance abuse classes (8 hours in 4 consecutive days) and mentoring services.

Phone: 970.245.5555

Website: www.mesapartners.org

Colorado Mesa University (CMU) – Prime for Life

Description: Provides educational substance abuse programs for students (students are automatically referred to the class by the school).

Phone: 970.644.3740

Website: www.coloradomesa.edu/safety/awareness/alcohol-drug.html

The Medicine Abuse Project

Description: Provides a confidential, one-on-one support line to help develop a personalized action plan, a treatment facility locator and prevention skills training

Phone: 1.855.378.4373

Website: www.drugfree.org/medicine-abuse-project/

Alateen (Al-Anon)

Description: Provides support groups for youth ages 9 – 19.

Phone: 970.242.1075

Website: www.al-anon.org

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Description: Provides referrals to treatment facilities and information on other opioid use disorder related resources and helplines.

Website: www.samhsa.gov

Boys Town National Hotline

Description: Offers a referral line for resources related to family and school problems, suicide, chemical dependency and sexual and physical abuse.

Phone: 1.800.448.3000

Website: www.boystown.org

Teen Line

Description: Offers a hotline for information and referral to other resources related to substance use disorder, physical and sexual abuse, suicide and other issues.

Phone: 310.855.4673

Website: www.teenlineonline.org

S.A.F.E. Alternatives

Description: Helps locate local therapists for treatment for substance use disorder.

Website: www.selfinjury.com


Description: Provides information, articles, basic educational information and other substance use disorder information.

Website: www.girlshealth.gov