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Inpatient Treatment

Mind Springs Health – Women’s Recovery Center

Description: 90 day transitional living and holistic recovery from drug and alcohol abuse with a focus on physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, spiritual growth and social needs.

Phone: 970.241.6023

Website: www.mindspringshealth.org/treatment-services/existing-mind-springs-clients/womens-recovery-center

Summit View Treatment Center

Description: Summit View Treatment Center offers residential and outpatient treatment. All programs are evidence based, using cognitive-behavior modalities of treatment and education that have been proven to be effective in changing behavior. Gender specific services are also available.

Phone: 970.244.3889

Website: www.cjsd.mesacounty.us/programs-and-services/treatment-services/

Valley View Hospital – Youth Recovery Center

Description: Provides 42-day substance use disorder treatment and other mental health services for youth ages 12 – 17.

Phone: 970.945.6535

Website: www.vvh.org